Pipeline exercise

  1. After loading a model of a table, the center of the model is found to be at \(<2, 2, -2>\). A chair model is loaded with its center point at the origin \(<0, 0, 0>\). The chair needs to be positioned so the chair origin is one positive unit along the x-axis from the table center. \textInput(30,7)
  2. The glm function lookAt() takes three vectors as input: eye, center, and up. If the view camera needs to be positioned at \(<2,2,0>\) while looking toward the table center, what vectors can be used with lookAt() to accomplish this? \textInput(30,7)
  3. Assuming the table has a diameter and height of 2 units, what bounds just enclose the table? You should write your answer as two 3D vectors that define the extreme bounds of an enclosing box. \textInput(30,7)
  4. Assuming the view transform was applied, what are the orthographic bounds to just enclose the entire table? Remember that the orthographic bounds are defined by \(left, right, bottom, top, near, far\). \textInput(30,7)