Program 1

The first programming project is in your repos as Program1. Follow the TODOs in the project and draw an image with the criteria in the rubric. You can pick any subject for your image, but it should be something most people would understand and recognize.


Draw a point No point : 0 Draw a point using GL_POINTS : 1
Draw a line No line : 0 Draw a line using GL_LINES or similar : 1
Draw a triangle No triangles : 0 Draw a triangle using GL_TRIANGLES or similar : 1
Use two of: LOOP, STRIP, or FAN No advanced primitive : 0 Draw one advanced primitive : 1 Draw two advanced primitives : 2
Use at least 3 colors No colors : 0 Uses three colors : 2
Composition theme No theme : 0 Image of landscape, object, or other recognizable subject : 3