media photo links

Color WW1 Photos

Liquid sculpture
water drop pictures

More old color photos

Bound for Glory
Color photos from the early 1940s

The Empire that was Russia
100 year old color pictures

High Speed and Technical Photographs

daily dose of imagery
A picture a day

Color gameboy camera pictures

Infared pictures -Jeff K

Free Stock Photography

Mandolux's flickr
Big wide pictures

Scanner photography

Ken Rockwell
Photography review and info

StereoData Maker
Take stereo pictures with Canon point-n-shoot cameras

Chip heating experiments
Cooling reduces digital camera noise

The Photographer’s Right
Small flyer on legality of public photography

Astrophotography subreddit wiki

Cloudy Nights
Astronomy resources

Camera Memory Speed
Memory card speed tests

Other random links:

PhotoRec- Picture and file recovery tool