media art links

Keith Thompson's art
Beautifully odd


Web Gallery of Art

Wallpapers, icons

Klown's Wallpapers
Neat wallpapers and themes, OSS related too.

Collected Tears of the Weeping Nivbed
Sureal, beautiful pictures.

Jo Chen's Website
Very, very nice CGs, along with traditional media.
Good CGs and some traditional stuff.

The lair of Merecat
Artist with some killer CGs. There are tutorials also.


Polykarbon: Tutorials!
Covers basic figure drawing and also some photoshop effects.

Community of people who submit pics. Some stunning images.

Jason Chan

Digital Blasphemy
Age old site of 3d renders

Wallpaper site

Other random links:

Woods of Athens
Cute CGs of more anime girls.

Super Electromagnetic Sigh
Hard to navigate, but the colorful CGs are good.

-RAMI's web site-Clean bright CGs.

kawaku's page
Decent anime girl CGs.

Tensi no Tsubasa
Anime girl CGs with soft pastel colors.

Peeping P!
Anime girls. Nice CGs.

Very nice illustrations- fan-art from various games and anime series.

Very simple and cute pictures.