games misc links

Polyphonic Spree

AGD Interactive
Adventure games, remakes and new

Galves Adventure

Import store

Import store

LEGO Pokemon

UK Resistance
An unhealthy sega obsession

Images of 2600 code

Game advertisements

Game Over- game accessibility

Video game memorabilia museum

MetaFuture - rating analysis

Speed demos archive

Zork on the web


Happy Penguin
linux gaming

Dos games archive

Free commercial games

ABA Games
Great games by Kenta Cho (SHMUPS)

Defunct Games

Translation of a Metroid manga

Samus Aran is a Hottie!

Zelda Classic
A Zelda like engine

Collection of reviews from many gaming sites- gives a nice round opinion

Decent place to get info for almost any game out there

Orisinal: Morning Sunshine
A bunch of flash games.

Perilous Crystal Caves

DOS Classics
Keen, Cosmic, and Duke fansite

Chase the Chuckwagon
Auction site for video games
Crystal Caves fansite

Commander Keen Fan Site
Maps and other goodies

Big collection of Japanese sega games

Tale of Tales
Independent game studio

Galbadia Hotel
Video game music

Classic Game Room Empire

Mind Games
Many articles on eSport psychology

Vintage game store and also has lots of repair info

Vintage console hookups info

Good Old Games
Great place to buy DRM free games.

Great site for console RGB mods.

No clip
A museum that lets you noclip around video game levels

Compare prices across different marketplaces

How Long to Beat
Find out how long it will take to finish a game

Other random links:

The Gamers Quarter
Old online magazine

The real price of free (blog article)

Repairing Traces and Lifted Pads

SICKmods Xbox1 Power/Eject pinouts

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Old page for Shadow of the Colossus