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Dreamcast region conversion


Dreamcast programming

Dreamcast Emulation

Old Dreamcast Emulation

Burning / Backup FAQ

VGA adapter circuit

Dreamcast at Onlineconsoles

Dreamcast AV details

Petition for continued DC support

Dev tutorial

Dreamcast tech pages

Dreamcast scene

VMU development tools

Treamcast review

Dreamcast History
Was good site, now dead? forum

IGN DC titles
DC game reviews

The Dreamcast Junkyard
Dreamcast blog

Blue Swirl
VMU saves and tools

Dreamshell operating system
Boot into menu environment and run apps

Cryptic Allusion
Home of KallistiOS, Dreamcast OS for homebrew

Great guides on Dreamcast hardware mods (and other consoles)

VMU demo and game development

Dreamcast VMU Programming and Tools
Tools for converting and writing VMU resources

PC-DC modem server

USB-Serial Dreamcast Coders Cable

NetBSD Dreamcast port

Lxdream wiki page on Dreamcast Linux ports

EMS Production Limited
Makers of the Nexus memory cards

Sega Support Site
Dreamcast news site, active as of 2014 (In Polish)

Sega Retro Planet Dreamcast mirror

Yamato's 20to4 website
Dreamcast dev stuff and cool solder pad map

Sega dreamcast VMU development tools
Hardware and software notes, including protocol details

Dreamcast VMU icons
Collection of info and icons for VMUs.

List of common and rare VMU

El Bucanero
Dreamcast rips, saves, and tools (other systems too)

Dreamcast live
Play Dreamcast games online

Tool to help create GDI images

GDROM Explorer
Tool to extract data from Dreamcast disc images

Other random links:

Booyaka VMU upload
Custom VMU images

Tsukento's Look at Dreamcast DLC

Original Dreamcast Emulation (very old)

SD card replacement for GD-ROM drive

Old scene site, still has good links and tools

Old VMU tool site

Dreamcast tools

Dreamcast CDRW tutorial
How to make your dreamcast read CD-RWs

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DC homebrew

Dreamcast Jamma adapter

Dreamcast controller port repair

PlanetDreamcast reviews N-Z

PlanetDreamcast reviews A-M