games descent links

Open Descent Foundation

Moon's Descendarium
Single player guides

KoolBear's Descent
KoolBear's!! One of the old sites.

Descent 3 Sector

The Descent Network
The (old?) hub for all descent files, has most patches, music, devel tools.

Planet Descent
Ugh. A gamespy site. Good source for descent stuff and news.

D1X Project
Home of the Descent 1 source project.

D2X Project
Descent 2's source code project homepage.

Descent source mailing list
Archive of the mailing list related to the original descent engine source.

A Descent 3 Tracker

Descent on the net

A Descent movie?

Mike Kulas at UIUC

Descent news on UIUC


Descent for PocketPC

Other random links:

More Ultra Descent stuff

Ultra Descent (ign)

Tom's page

Info Service
List of old descent pages

SideFX's page

Scorch's Den

Holger Bredel's page

Descent-like engine in java

Review of D2:IA

Descent archives

Descent on the TI86?

Steve's page

R1ch's Descent page

Ultimate Descent

Russian Descent Outpost

Descent 2 hardware acceleration

These links are mirrored on


Nathan's Descent page

Lars Christensen's page

Linux NetMag

Stealth's Hanger