funny misc links

The fairest

Improv Everywhere

Spellchecker Poem

The Brothers Brick

Money Origami

Will it blend?

Ian's shoelace site

Chuck Norris facts

Cats that look like Hitler

Color Illusion Tutorial

Banana guard- protect your banana!

Candle flames

One red paperclip

Bert is evil

Stink meat (kind of gross)

Human clock

Akiyoshi's illusion pages

Imaginary toolstore

An illusion


Cute overload

Stuff on my cat

Half Backery
Collection of ideas

Invade Canada!!

How to do the Dark Side of Oz

Spiders on drugs

Chuck Norris facts

MIT Hack Gallery

The sunscreen song

Clips from a japanese game show

Very cool origami

Post-it note prank

John Kador's Job Rejection Letter

Alex Chiu Eternal Life Immortality Device

The Brick Testament

Amazing wood carvings

Hugh Gallagher's 'College Essay'

Extreme Ironing

Origami Boulder Company

Welcome to!

We Love the Iraqi Information Minister

Fellowship of the Peep


Bryan's Rice-Boy Page

Scientology doctored photos

The Official Ninja Webpage: REAL Ultimate Power!!!!

Jandrew edits
A collection of humorously edited footage

AJAX dot sharing

Review equipment solely on knob feel

Sometimes red, sometimes blue

Ninja Flex!

Ted Cruz for Human President


Is it Christmas?

Is it Christmas?

Sell me something weird or confusing

The useless web

Is it Christmas?

Guess worldwide location from ground view

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