computer unix links

Learn UNIX in 10 minutes

Basic guide to FVWM config

IE 4 Linux

UNIX history
Bell-Labs on UNIX

PC Speaker driver for Linux
Searchable collection of unofficial debian apt sources

A large searchable database of RPMs for download

Create Debian Linux packages
Tutorial by IBM on making deb packages

ImageMagick overview
A brief over view of ImageMagick by IBM

Securing Debian Manual
Specifically geared towards debian, but there's some stuff you can use in other distros

Shared objects for the object disoriented!
Tutorial on creating and using libraries with gcc and unix

Program Library HOWTO
Howto on C libraries

Dell Inspiron 3800 and Debian
This might be useful for mach 64 info

Linux on my laptop(kixor)

Newton web server

Lisa web server

Old Apple server directory

Mike Rubel's guide to rsync backups

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Retinal Burn
Mach 64 drivers for XFree 4