Minecraft - Descent skin

A Minecraft skin of the hostage from Descent. I made this many, many years ago, but seeing someone else's better version inspired me to update mine.

Since the original hostage sprite didn't have a back, I guessed that there were probably airtanks on the back, since the front appears to have air hoses going from the face mask.

Version 2 for 1.8 Classic

descent skin 1.8 classic

Without air tanks:
descent skin 1.8 classic notank

Version 2 for 1.8 Slim

descent skin 1.8 slim

Without air tanks:
descent skin 1.8 slim no tnak

Version 2 for 1.7

descent skin 1.7

Without air tanks:
descent skin 1.7 no tanks

Version 1 (kinda ugly)

old descent skin

If you want to do your own edits, here is the original GIMP XCF file.