Paint Micah and Jeremy's apartment

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This was written for the summer of 2006 when we were painting our apartment. We're done painting, but you can still use this form.

We are planning to paint our apartment and would like to let your fine taste shine in our color selection. This site will let you pick some colors and save them for other people to look at. After everyone has had a chance to pick some colors, Jeremy and I will look over the suggestions and then paint our apartment. If you would like to come over and help us when we paint the real walls, IM or email one of us.


You can view other peoples color choices by selecting their name from the list.

To pick your own colors, click on the cross and drag it to pick a color.

Then click on the little box and drag it to adjust the brightness.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, enter your name and click 'Save Colors'.

Other people's choices:

Living room
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Dining room
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Micah's room
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Jeremy's room
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Now to save your colors. Enter your name, IM name, or email below and click 'Save Colors'.


If you have problems with the page, email Micah at